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Php mysql easily modify any table data  v.1.0

php/MySQL easy data editor. A single php page or with a single config file for security to make it easy and safe for non programmers/web designers/mysql gurus to add, edit and delete records. * * * * No need to create a new interface for each table!

Table data extraction from a web page  v.1.0

Web data extraction. This software extracts data under HTML markup of a web page. Data is extracted based on matching keywords in first column of the table.

Compare Database Table Data  v.0.22.06

A generic SQL driven data audit tool for detecting differences between any JDBC accessible database tables and other data sources. Platform independent. It's a unix like diff for databases. Produces key values with the differing column name and

Data Export 2011 for Oracle  v.

Data Export for Oracle is an complete application that helps you to create MySQL database backups using SQL scripts. This database script utility allows you to save metadata of all MySQL database objects as well as MySQL table data as database

AscToTab - text to table converter

AscToTab is utility that converts *plain* or tab-delimited text files containing table data into either HTML or RTF (rich text format)

Extract of Data from Oracle Data Files  v.1.0

A program in Java, which is capable to extract table data from datafiles of Oracle Database without using Oracle RDBMS or any Oracle Client software.

Php virtual table  v.beta.0.10

Key Features: 1) Add/Delete Item on the fly. 2) Hide any number of columns without affecting data contents. 3) Saves table data in CSV format. 4) Minimum code to initialize and to embed in host forms

AscToTab  v.4.0

AscToTab is a free utility that converts *plain* text and comma-separated or tab-delimited text files containing table data into tables. The program can create either HTML or RTF tables with the output written to file. For HTML tables the output can

EMS DB Extract 2011 for MySQL  v.

EMS DB Extract for MySQL is an useful application that will help you create MySQL database backups in a form of SQL scripts. This database script utility allows you to save metadata of all MySQL database objects as well as MySQL table data as

Bonobo Framework code generator  v.1.0

PHP code generator that can quickly and easilly create code for database operations (create-read-update-delete), with flexible code-generation options, based on table data gathered from a

MS-Excel Multivalue Function Framework  v.1.1

Framework for development of MS Excel add-ins that allow user defined functions that return more than a single value (e.g. to return table data with a single function

PwPage 10 Second Database Forms  v.1.0

pwPage provides an extremely fast and simple approach to the creation of data base forms. That is, if a data base table exists and a corresponding HTML page has been constructed using a few easy guidelines, pwPage can immediately used for table data

SQL FRONT  v.0.29.beta

It is a windows based application that will help new users to1. see the databases installed2. create databases3. delete databases4. run queries5. see table data etc6. see table structure7. See available data typesNew features will be

Tabdiff  v.11

Tabdiff is a database tool to compare table data rows of two Oracle Tables. Source and destination Table do not have to be identical. Also the Table columns do not have to match. It can generate a update insert delete SQL Script. It can synchronize

CGI-DB  v.b

CGI-DB is a database system that manages its own flat-file data tables through a cgi/html interface. It also contains html tag extensions to insert table data into your own web pages. Works great in Windows, Linux, or other *nix.

MyJSQLView  v.3.41

MyJSQLView provides an easy to use Java based user interface frontend for viewing, adding, editing, or deleting entries in the HSQL MySQL Oracle SQLite and PostgreSQL databases. The application has sorting, searching, and import/export of table data.

SQL Export  v.1.0

The purpose of this project is to generate INSERT scripts table data within SQL Server 2005. It should work for older versions of SQL Server. In the future, I may add support for PostgreSQL and/or MySQL.

Netsoftdb  v.1.0

Connect to DB2, Oracle, MS SQL and Mysql database.Add, edit and remove connections.Multiple connections simultaneously.Load/execute SQL.Export table/data as SQL/CSV/html.Import data from delimited/fixed length file.Loader with advanced option

Skimmedtable  v.1.0

Ajax Javascript object to show table data in HTML. Searching, filtering, sorting functionalities are provided out-of-the-box.

MivRHash  v.1.0.1

MivRHash (Million-value Remote Hash) is a remote hash table data structure which provides the compatible interface with the Python dict's interface.

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